Find out your rights as a customer of the DTC’S Telephone Service.

Privacy Policy – Telephone


At the Delhi Telephone Company (DTC) protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information is important. We value your business and the trust you put in the Delhi Telephone Company. Delhi Telephone Company obtains information about our customers that helps DTC and it’s subsidiaries provide quality service and we use that information only for business purposes.
We strive to make sure that the information we obtain and use is accurate. Much of this information is reflected in your monthly invoice. If you see an inaccuracy on your DTC invoice, you should contact us so that we can correct it.
DTC may internally use this information in conjunction with offering certain other DTC services such as internet, cable, long distance services, and internal surveys.
DTC customers who do not wish to be contacted by DTC can “opt out” or have their names removed from the contact lists. To understand more about this option contact the Business Office.
Your telephone account information rights; referred to as Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI), is not shared by DTC with any non-affiliates except where required by law or to protect against fraud.

Protect Your Privacy:

The DTC provides several services that will assist you in protecting your privacy.

Caller Number ID– This service lets you see the number of an incoming call, even if it is non-published, using a display box (purchased separately) that attaches to your telephone.

Anonymous Call Rejection– This service rejects callers who have chosen to block their number from being displayed on your Caller Number ID device. Rejected callers receive a recorded announcement informing them of your wish not to receive calls from callers that have chosen to block their number.

Per-Call Blocking– Prevents your number from being displayed on a Caller ID device for one (1) telephone call.

All-Call Blocking- Prevents your number from being displayed on a Caller ID device for every call you make.

Selective Call Acceptance- You program a list of phone numbers you want to accept – all other calls are blocked.

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