A national Do-Not-Call Registry has been established to address unwelcome telemarketing calls. The registry applies to all telemarketers with the exception of businesses with which you have an existing relationship and certain non-profit and political organizations. Commerical telemarketers are not allowed to call you if your number is listed on the registry.
Consumers may register their residential telephone number(s) on the national Do-Not-Call Registry at no cost, either by telephone or via the internet.
To register by telephone call 888-382-1222.
For TTY call 866-290-4236.

You must call from the telephone number you wish to register. You may also register or obtain additional information via the internet at

Inclusion of your telephone number on the national Do-Not-Call Registry will be effective three months following your registration. Your number will remain on the registry for five years, at which time you may re-enter your number on the list. You may remove your number at any time.