Cable TV

DTC has several Cable Packages to choose from with over 180 channels available. All packages include:

  • Free Installation
  • Restart TV – never miss the beginning again
  • Picture in Picture
  • WatchTVeverywhere – watch your lineup from up to 5 devices wherever you are.
  • Video on Demand
  • Free Premium Channels for 90 days – HBO and Cinemax a total of 10 Channels.

Additional Services Available:

  • Cloud DVR with Whole Home Service
    • Never miss your favorite shows again with the ability to record up to 12 channels and watch them on every TV in your home.
  • Premium Channels
    • HBO, Cinemax, Starz and Showtime

With DTC there are no hidden charges.

The rates posted here are the rates that will appear on your bill.

DTC Cable Channel Lineup


  • 22 Channels
  • Each Set-Top Box $6.99/month


  • 71 Channels
  • Music Included
  • Each Set-Top Box $6.99/month

Family Plus

  • 115 Channels
  • Music Included
  • Each Set-Top Box $6.99/month


  • 114 Channels
  • Music Included
  • Each Set-Top Box $6.99/month


  • 132 Channels
  • Music Included
  • Each Set-Top Box $6.99/month

Premium Channel Pricing











*Rates Do Not Include Franchise Fee, FCC Fee, Regulatory Fees or Taxes

Installation and Other Charges

Installation-with Set Top Box-up to 3 outlets FREE *
Extra TV outlets (with no set top box)
at initial installation
$28.95 each
Extra TV outlets-Separate Trip $40.95 each
Reconection Fee $40.95 each