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Remote Control Functions

Do you want to know what all those buttons do on your remote? Click on the link below for your remote and see what function each button performs. Get the most out of your cable TV service.

Instruction Manuals (Click link to view)
Amino Set Top Box Instruction Manual (see page iii & iv)
Universal Remote Instructions

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Universal Remote Instructions

Remote instructions pdf



  • Always push the STB button before pushing any remote function buttons when you first start the system or after turning on your TV. Note: Some remotes are labeled CBL rather than STB.
  • Your password is 1234 or 0000 (unless you have changed it)
  • Your TV input mode must be on the component selected during installation.
  • Your TV must be tuned in to the correct channel ie: 2,3,4 etc.
  • Do Not discard your original TV remote. You may need it to change your input mode or display options.
  • Power Cycling your set top box: Unplug the stb power cord from the back of the set top box, count to 10 and plug back in.