Stay connected during a power outage.

Backup Power for Home Phone Services during Power Outages: For many years, your home phone would allow you to stay connected to emergency voice services during a power outage. However, many of today’s advanced home phone services require backup battery power to continue functioning during an outage. To avoid a disruption of home voice service during an outage – and to maintain the ability to connect to 911 emergency services – we at DTC will install one (1) 8 hour backup battery, at no cost to the homeowner, and offer you the option of leasing additional backup batteries in 8 hour increments with a maximum of 2 additional batteries for a total of 24 hours of backup power for your home phones.

What Your Battery Can – and Can’t – Do for You: DTC’s backup batteries allow you to continue to use your home voice services during a power outage. (Applies to directly connected land line phones only.) Without a backup battery or alternate backup source such as a generator, customers will not be able to make any calls, including emergency calls to 911. The only way to maintain the ability to use your phone is by using some form of backup power. Our backup battery does not provide power to any services other than voice. Home security systems, medical monitoring devices and other equipment will not run on a home phone backup battery.

Purchase and Replacement Options: If you are concerned about being able to contact 911 emergency services during a power outage, additional backup batteries may be a good option for you. The battery offered by DTC is approximately one pound and is roughly the size of a juice box.

You can lease additional backup batteries directly through DTC by calling us at 607-746-1500, or stop by our business office. Additional 8 hour backup batteries cost $1.99 per month and can be picked up at our business office. If you do not feel comfortable installing your own battery, please call us to make an appointment, and we would be happy to assist you. However, please note that there may be a charge for this service. You can also purchase the battery backup at a cost of $99.99 each.

DTC will replace malfunctioning leased batteries at no cost to the homeowner providing they were not damaged due to misuse or improper care or storage by the homeowner.

Expected Backup Power Duration: Backup batteries are expected to last at least 8 hours on standby power. The backup battery should give you up to 6 hours of talk time. If you feel that is not enough time, you may extend your standby power by purchasing a 24 hour battery or additional 8 hour batteries. The backup battery is designed to provide power for voice use only. Connecting or using the backup battery to power other devices will shorten the battery run time. Backup time will also decrease with the age of the battery.

Instructions for Proper Care and Use of Your Battery: Please follow the more detailed instructions included with your battery for proper use, storage and care of your battery to ensure that it will function as needed during a power outage. If you do not store your battery correctly, it may shorten its useful life. Environmental factors such as temperature can shorten your battery’s useful life. We recommend that you store your battery above 14°F and below 120.2°F. These batteries will only stay charged when attached to the main power supply unit provided. They are designed to last approximately 10 years. You should also periodically, as described in the instructions included with your battery, remove and test your battery to verify both the operation of the backup battery and its condition. Failure to follow proper care and use instructions may void your warranty. Please contact DTC for any questions you may have about the Backup Power Disclosure Rules.

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