Internet Services & Rates

All DTC Internet Services include:

Fastest Speeds Available

FREE!! 24/7 tech Support located in the US

FREE installation*

FREE MODEM- (for copper internet service)
1st modem provided free to new install customers

NO DATA CAPS – DTC internet service does not limit data usage.

Conditions Apply

* With 6 Month Service Agreement and 1 Internet Connection.


Copper Service

  • Speed Varies by Location
  • Free Modem 

Fiber Service

  • 25Mx10M

Additional Speeds*

  • 75M x 75M – $64.99
  • 100M X 100M – $89.99
  • 150M X 150M – $99.99
  • 250MX250M – $199.99
  • 500M x 500M – $299.99
  • 1 Gig – available upon request

*available for residential fiber customers

*Speed shown as downstream/upstream and are based on a wired connection.

What can faster speeds do for me?

Speed makes everyone online better. Websites load faster, videos stream in high quality, music streams flawlessly and downloads blaze.  Faster speeds also support multiple devices.  With a fast connection you can stream movies on your tablet, download a game on your console and browse the web on your smartphone – all at the same time.

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Rates for Internet Service may change at any time.Speeds are provided in a “Best Effort” method.Prices do not include applicable taxes or fees.