Charges For 900 Calls are Non-Telecommunication Service

For billing disputes or inquires, please call 607-746-1500. You have 60 days from the date of this bill to dispute a billing error. You have the right to withhold payment of the disputed charges during the billing error review. After investigation if it is determined that the disputed charges are legitimate, the information provider may proceed with outside collections against your account. Your local and long distance service cannot be disconnected for non-payment of 900 charges. Failure to pay legitimate 900 charges may result in involuntary blocking of your access to 900 services. Voluntary blocking of access to 900 services is available upon request to DTC. You should not be billed for any pay-per call services not offered in compliance with federal laws and regulations. The listed consumer rights are provided under the Federal Telephone Disclosure and Dispute Resolution Act. If you orally communicate an allegation of a billing error by calling 607-746-1500, it will be considered sufficient notification of a billing errror.