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Are You a Managing Mom? We’re Here to Help!

NOW HIRING: Small organization seeks senior-level manager for enthusiastic, growing team. Successful candidate will be an energetic, upbeat, highly organized expert in logistics, planning, delegation, multitasking, social networking, problem-solving and managing underperforming team members. Strong analytical and budgeting skills are a must. Salary: No (but you can also keep your day job). It's hard work [...]

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When Should Kids Get Their First Phone?

Children become ready for their first cellphone at age 12, says new research. By this age, they should also be packing their own lunch, walking to the bus stop, and completing school projects independently. The following year, aged 13, they'll become ready to first earn their own money, stay home alone, and use the internet [...]

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Smart Energy Choices

FOR INFORMATION CONTACT: Jeanne Darling, Extension Executive Director 607-865-6531 Date of Release:      February 28, 2019 Provided by:              Cornell Cooperative Extension of Delaware County   SMART ENERGY CHOICES Most homes have lots of leaks that let cold air in during the winter. By sealing these leaks and adding insulation, you can significantly cut down on [...]

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How Do I Get It’s Easy!

Want an smart home security system but not sure how to get it? It's easy. Here's everything you need to know, in a quick FAQ format. Looking for smart business security instead? Click here. Is a home security company? We're the leading technology brand that invented smart home security. We're known and trusted [...]

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