The Delhi Chamber of Commerce Member to Member Benefit Plan 

In support of on-going efforts to promote new business start-ups and provide incentives to the existing business community within Delhi, the Delhi Telephone Company is extending the offer of telecommunications service credits for new business start-ups and existing businesses looking to upgrade their services.

Businesses who are located within the service area and are in good standing with both the Delhi Chamber of Commerce and DTC are eligible for these credits.   Businesses must also agree to allow necessary information to be shared between the Delhi Chamber of Commerce and DTC to ensure eligibility for the program.

Service Credits include:

  1. A one-time $350 telecommunications service credit to be used toward installation and monthly service charges for new business start-ups.
  2. A one-time $150 telecommunications service credit for existing businesses to be applied toward standard upgrade charges and incremental monthly service fees for the enhanced level of service.  This service credit will not be applied to existing service charges – only incremental fees.

Contact the business office today to take advantage of this benefit plan for Delhi Chamber of Commerce Members!

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