Internet Services & Rates

All DTC Internet Services include:

Fastest Speeds Available

FREE!! 24/7 tech Support located in the US

FREE installation*

FREE MODEM- (for copper internet service)
1st modem provided free to new install customers

NO DATA CAPS – DTC internet service does not limit data usage.

Conditions Apply

* With 6 Month Service Agreement and 1 Internet Connection.


Copper Service

  • Speed Varies by Location
  • Free ModemĀ 

Fiber Service

  • 25Mx10M

Additional Speeds*

  • 75M x 75M – $64.99
  • 100M X 100M – $89.99
  • 150M X 150M – $99.99
  • 250MX250M – $199.99
  • 500M and 1 Gig – available upon request

*available for residential fiber customers

*Speed shown as downstream/upstream.

Rates for Internet Service may change at any time.Speeds are provided in a “Best Effort” method.Prices do not include applicable taxes or fees.