Managed Wi-Fi Service

DTC will provide you with a brand new, current technology, wireless router that we will set up in your home and maintain. With our advanced testing procedures your wireless internet service will always be performing at peak levels with all connected devices. No more replacing your router when it doesn’t function or becomes too old and needs updating. With DTC’s Managed Wi-Fi Services, testing, replacement, maintenance and upgrades are included.

$7.99 per month

*Terms and conditions apply

  • Avoid long buffer times with the latest technology
  • Supports high bandwidth applications such as streaming of HD, home automation and online gaming
  • Maximizes Video Streaming
  • Extends wireless coverage to reduce dead zones in the home or office
  • Parental Control

Wi-Fi is no longer an optional “extra” for most homes. it has become a critical component of connectivity. Just think about the number of wireless devices being used by your family members including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. You need a wireless connection that is reliable and secure.

Secure and Cost-Effective Solution 
Managed Wi-Fi is specially designed for your home. Our team manages equipment firmware updates for the latest enhancements and security.

Improve Wireless Video ExperienceLow, Predictable Costs 
There is no huge upfront investment in Wi-Fi equipment. We maintain and enhance the service for you, so there are no surprise costs for maintenance, upgrades, or replacements.

Flexibility to Meet Your Growing Needs 
The flexible infrastructure can grow as the needs of your family grows. Need additional coverage? No problem. We can easily add additional Wi-Fi access points for a low monthly fee.

Local Technical Support

You get help when you need it from a local company that you know and trust.